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Philips 432195 19-watt (100-Watt) Ambient LED Household A21 Soft White Light Bulb, Dimmable

Philips 432195 19-watt (100-Watt) Ambient LED Household A21 Soft White Light Bulb, Dimmable

by Philips
Price: $28.23
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  • Environmentally friendly, mercury-free and uses significantly less energy than standard incandescents
  • Ideal for household use in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways
  • This Philips 19 Watt AmbientLED replaces your standard 100 Watt incandescent, saving up to $222.75 over the lifetime of the bulb

Customer reviews (see all 142 reviews)

A Worthy Incandescent Replacement, With Just A Couple Drawbacks, February 4, 2014
After having a good experience with a , I was interested in a standard-sized bulb...

Works great for me--but be aware of the fine print [Philips 432195 19-watt dimmable AmbientLED A21 light bulb], January 31, 2014
[First reviewed after a few weeks use for a few minutes per day. This review is for Philips SKU #046677432195, Product #9290002596, but this bulb has been updated twice in the last two months without changing either number, so it's quite possible...

The ever devolving Philips A-Line, November 25, 2013
I own this 19W (100W replacement), the 11W (60W replacement) and the new 15W unit intended to replace the 75w incandescent bulb. I also own one L-Prize 10W and the older 12.5 watt and 17 watt units. The L-Prize, 12.5W and 17W function to my...

Cree 18-Watt (100W) Daylight (5000K) LED A21 Light Bulb

Cree 18-Watt (100W) Daylight (5000K) LED A21 Light Bulb

by Cree
List price: $59.99
Price: $20.97
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  • Brand: Cree
  • - Dimmable: Yes
  • - Part No.: BA21-16050OMF-12DE26-1U110

Customer reviews (see all 44 reviews)

Nothing short of awesome, May 1, 2014
I've been a bit of an LED and lighting geek for awhile. These bulbs are awesome and aren't harsh at all like a lot of CFL daylight bulbs are. It feels very natural and energetic. Seems like it's 2x as bright as the Chinese 60w LED bulbs I was using...

Lovely bright white LED., May 7, 2014
A few years ago I switched my personal incandescents out for high-wattage "Full Spectrum" (5500k) Compact Fluorescent bulbs. The extra brightness, cooler color, lower heat, and greater (approximately double) lifespan were all great. I saved a bit of...

I thought I had found the near-perfect 100-watt LED bulb: relatively inexpensive, small enough and light enough (in weight) to use in fixtures that other 100-watt LEDs were too bulky or heavy for.I bought 3 daylight & 3 soft-white bulbs...