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Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit - How to Replace a Broken

When my pilot light wouldn't stay lit on my furnace, I asked a few plumber buddies about the symptoms and they both said it was the thermo couple. I replaced...

crazy4mon3y crazy4mon3y says:
water boiler in house problems?
the flame under the water boiler in my house doesnt stay lit like it should. when it turns out, i turn it back on, however, in 2-3 days, it goes back out again! can anyone tell me what im supposed to do?
joea says:
sounds like your thermocouple is bad......this is your safety that will shut the gas off to the main gas valve when not lit - typically when going bad, the thermocouple will work for a while...
bobm581 bobm581 says:
Gas fire poor flame, no decent flame around thermocouple, new burners fitted 3months ago for same reason.?
Old Baxi Bermuda, will be replacing later this year as back boiler and fire replacement. New heater plate fitted for same reason, but generally poor flame right through the fire, vac cleaned burner. All other gas appliances burn ok. Is it probably...
done says:
Unfamiliar with this appliance, but here are some possible causes for consideration. I'm not going to cover flue problems since you haven't mentioned soot, a "whumping" sound, or other symptom of...


Manual on the Use of Thermocouples in Temperature Measurement/Pcn
Manual on the Use of Thermocouples in Temperature Measurement/Pcn
Published by Astm International 1993
ISBN 0803114664,9780803114661
290 pages
Well, Spring is here and last weekend my mom thought she would make it official at her house by shutting off the main power switch to the furnace. Myson B51220 Thermocouple - Junkers Te2d14z - Myson Genuine Heating Boiler Spare Parts from Heating Replacement Spares and Controls Supplier of Boiler Spares I just got the the news that the thermocouple on my 58 year old boiler may need to be replaced. It went out Christmas convenient *sigh* Now, a few years ago ... Glowworm S202429 Thermocouple Interrupter Insert - Sit - Glowworm Genuine Heating Boiler Spare Parts from Heating Replacement Spares and Controls Supplier of Boiler ...

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High-Temperature Ceramic Adhesive maintains bond at 3200°F.

Ceramabond™ 671, a new high temperature ceramic adhesive developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to assemble high temperature thermocouple housings used in boiler, furnace, and stack applications to 3200ºF (1760ºC). FEATURES

Cast In Heaters

Available with an added feature of built in thermocouple, its applications are si ...more SRP-1925 Cast Coil Heater Our new cast coil heater offer a direct replacement heater in many nozzle applications. All elements of the heater have been designed to ...

New explosion-proof zirconium oxygen analyser

and is available in both separate and integrated type configurations to suit installation requirements. The detectors feature a repairable design (see picture) with easy removal and replacement of the heater and thermocouple assembly.

Zirconia oxygen/humidity analysers

The new probe's modular design incorporates a rebuildable heater and thermocouple assembly, the industry standard Yokogawa zirconia cell and removable reference and calibration lines to create an oxygen measurement product designed for simple, quick and ...

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